Bistro 39

lakeside dining.


Truly Great Views

Event Dates: 1st & 3rd Friday of every month

Event Hours: 9pm - 11pm EST

Open RP Hours: 24/7

Location: Mateus | Lavender Beds Ward 22, Plot 39

Join us under the shade of The Shroud's great boughs where sylphs dance and moogles play. Our lakeside view is second to none, whether you're dining with us or taking a to-go order for a luxury picnic around the pristine Lavender Beds.

Bistro 39 is an exclusively outdoor eatery where guests can enjoy high quality food and beautiful sunsets over Lilystone Lake. Guests are encouraged to dine and picnic at their leisure during any time throughout the week: NPC's will be onsite 24/7 to help facilitate local RP.

Locally Sourced
Fine Dining


There's no substitute for fresh. We combine the finest ingredients with culinary expertise to create a truly unforgettable dining experience. With locally grown Coerthan leaves for strong, flavorful tea, you won't find another brew quite like ours anywhere else.

Guests receive complimentary in-game food items when ordering from our menu. Our diners also have the option of ordering from our catering menu (ICly or OoCly), where they can order larger quantities of food made to boost stats for raiders, crafters, gatherers, and even casual leveling characters. Prices for these catering items are always 10% less than current Mateus offerings and sold without taxes.

Ward 22's
RP Community 


Support our local RP community by roleplaying at Bistro 39 and nearby venues! We encourage players to enjoy the outdoor environment of the Lavender Beds; if you don't dine with us, feel free to wander about the ward to take in the views and enjoy a quiet but lively atmosphere to roleplay in!

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